John Ryan – A Retrospective ~ in the Press


BBC interview at Rye Art Gallery

BBC TV interviewed  Isabel Ryan (John Ryan’s younger daughter and curator of the exhibition) -  and Priscilla, John Ryan’s widow and long-term assistant live from Rye Art Gallery. They demonstrate some dextrous animation techniques from the 1960s! Watch the 90 second interview

Slideshow on BBC website

The BBC website has a slideshow displaying seven images from the exhibition.

Review by an exhibition visitor

Neil Whitman, contributor to online animation magazine, Skwigly, wrote a detailed and glowing review of the exhibition…

‘A Rye Look At Captain Pugwash
Blistering Barnacles! If you’re a fan of Captain Pugwash, then set sail for The Rye Art Gallery in East Sussex and uncover some real hidden treasures.
From now until mid February the gallery is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the life and art of author, illustrator and animator John Ryan, and so I went along to cast my eye over his work…’ Read more

‘Memories of a Master’

 Letter from Isabel Ryan in Sussex Life magazine ‘Features’ section